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BiFrost (FROST) Announces Plans To Enter The Lucrative Affiliate Marketing Industry”

The founders of BiFrost have known that if we wanted to build a new currency that grew to take on a  life of its own,  it must have a purpose.

Over the last several months,  hundreds of coins have been launched only to make the same promises.

“Fast, Inexpensive, and anonymous transactions!”

Since all masternode coins fork from DASH in some way, we all make those same promises.

We need something more!

Many investors know, based on experience, that most coins will go nowhere. Sure, you can make some money by investing in them.  However, it requires timing to buy early and cash out quickly. Then watch to see if the coin actually innovates in a productive fashion.

99% Do not!

They quickly fade away and become just another entry on the MNO list. Returning a passable ROI, in coins, but not enough money to cover the cost of running their nodes.

We need something more!

Some coins, like GIN,  discovered a comfortable home. They provide services to the community and add value to other projects.  GIN has given several coins a leg-up.  They making it easier for new investors to launch and keep masternodes,  a service that we all appreciate.

We need something more!

Other coins actually take the time to innovate and introduce features like Tiered Masternodes and ZeroCoin staking, and their values reflect that innovation.

We need something more!

Almost no coin has accomplished to break out of the bubble of the Altcoin community insiders. They just can’t  find a way to bring their coin to the FAR larger marketplace that serves the general public.

The vast majority of the public can’t even describe what a cryptocurrency is, let alone understand how it can benefit them!

We need something more!

To become a top coin, we knew we would have to find a market and a way to serve it well. To rise out of obscurity, we need a purpose!

We HAVE something more!


The Founders of BiFrost are excited to announce that we have reached a tentative agreement with a major startup.  We will collaborate and become the first cryptocurrency system to provide services to the $6.8 Billion dollar Affiliate Marketing Industry.

As part of this agreement, key BiFrost development resources will be allocated to the creation of payment gateways and automation tools. This will  allow merchants world-wide to hybridize their payment agreements to allow partial commissions to be made with BiFrost.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

“Affiliate marketing is a type of performance-based marketing in which a business rewards one or more affiliates for each visitor or customer brought by the affiliate’s own marketing efforts.” – Wikipedia

Simply, it’s a viral form or revenue-sharing that pays commission for referral business. It can be very profitable for both sellers and their affiliates.

Who Uses Affiliate Marketing?

A large number of online retailers offer affiliate plans; the largest being

How Can BiFrost Benefit This Industry?


By offering partial payments in cryptocurrency, merchants have the opportunity to save money by establishing masternodes.  This generates the coins they will use to pay commissions.

How do Affiliates Benefit?

Affiliates receive their FROST into a web-based staking wallet that immediately allows their balances to grow. They have the choice of cashing their coins out or allowing their holdings to grow. Thus, they will be given the opportunity to earn residual income.

Additionally, new automation technology from BiFrost will automatically move their coins from staking to shared masternode seats.  We then move them to full masternodes which ensures their rewards accelerate over time.

How Does Bifrost Benefit?

First,  we have a real use-case in the marketplace…something very few coins have.

Second. we will build a customer base with merchants.  They will want to create masternodes to receive rewards that they can use to make pay-outs.

Third, we establish a brand that is known to the general public as a source of residual income.

How will this Happen?

Our new partners have deep connections to the Affiliate Marketing industry and will provide opportunities to partner with key industry players.

As part of the agreement, BiFrost will take a leadership role in our new partner’s engineering staff.  We will provide coin enhancements to smooth the integration of our coin into the new platform.

Phase 1:

Will include the creation of web-based Bifrost wallets and automation layers to manage the growth of coin balances. It will also include payment gateway software to allow any merchant to pay affiliates with FROST.

Phase 2:

Will expand gateways to directly integrate with existing affiliate management software.

Phase 3:

Will involve the creation of a complete affiliate management solution that can be offered as a “one-stop-shop” for launching new affiliate programs.

How can we find out more?

This is the 10,000 foot view of a very large and complex project.  The details are still being negotiated. As the project comes into focus, details will be passed along to our community for comments and questions.

We will also accelerate plans to implement our masternode governance system. A formal approval process can be established for key decisions that affect the community.

This is an excellent opportunity to break new ground in the market ensuring BiFrost becomes a household name.

We are just one voice in the chorus…so what do you think?

You are invited to join us on the following platforms:

Check Out:  BiFrost Website

Follow Us On:  Twitter

Please Join Us:   BiFrost Discord Channel

FROST is traded on:  CryptoBridge Exchange

Masternodes listed on:  

FROST Masternodes available on:  The GIN Platform

Please let us know if you have any questions at all!  Contact us on Discord for answers to any questions you might have.


BiFrost Coin (FROST) is a new PoS/Masternode cryptocurrency providing fast, secure technology to bridge the gap in cryptocurrency transactions.


6 thoughts on “BiFrost (FROST) Announces Plans To Enter The Lucrative Affiliate Marketing Industry””

  1. True, so many coins coming up on a daily basis but few actually know how to hold their clients. We really want something more and this idea is sure going to be a blast.


  2. I agree that the vast majority of the public can’t even describe what a cryptocurrency is, let alone understand how it can benefit them! I’ve been in public places with people and when we discuss cryptocurrency, I start getting weird looks. Having affiliate marketers push this far would surely go a long way.


  3. I also believe that to rise out of obscurity, we need a purpose. Collaborating and becoming the first cryptocurrency system to provide services to the $6.8 Billion-dollar affiliate marketing Industry is really a great way to go.


  4. Affiliates receiving their FROST into a web-based staking wallet that immediately allows their balances to grow and allows them to choose to cash out or leave it to grow is a good thing and I’m sure a lot of marketers would jump at the opportunity.


  5. Hmmmm. I may not know much about affiliate marketing but if it has something to do with getting more people to start using the Bifrost coin and enjoy the benefits like I do, then I think it’s a great idea!


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